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Our AI powered Data, Analytics, and Visualisation platform.

Engine AI provides our customers with actionable insights from large multi-source data.

We rapidly deploy top tier, enterprise-grade applications designed to reduce time to insight and facilitate informed decision making.

Our agile, responsive applications supercharge the end-user’s productivity without disrupting workflows.

Step into the future of data-driven decision making with Engine AI.

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Our customers partner with us for top-tier applications implemented at speed, with exceptional flexibility and scalable services; all powered by our end-to-end platform.

We help you:

Improve User Adoption & Retention Rates

Through intuitive functionality & powerful capabilities that drive user engagement and loyalty.

Rapid implementation

Experience fast implementation and accelerated time to market. Whether catering to internal or external end-user needs, we offer scalable solutions that suit your requirements.

Increase Competitive Advantage

Leverage our purpose-built AI platform to create future proof data analytics solutions.

Mitigate Decision Risk

With our best-in-class analytics, you can confidently make data driven decisions, reducing uncertainty and risk.

Boost Efficiency

A force multiplier for your teams, helping you free up expert time.

reduce time to insight

Our AI-native data analytics applications rapidly transform multi-source, structured & unstructured data into intuitive insights.

OUR areas of solution

Data Apps

Make smarter decisions, faster. Our segment- targeted applications combine intuitive dashboards and AI powered Data Analytics Co-pilot that seamlessly integrate into users’ workflow, allowing them to interrogate and surface actionable insights from large data.


We develop enterprise-grade data analytics applications that help your organisation extract valuable insights from your data in a fraction of the time and cost of in-house solutions.

data apps builder

Build the next generation of AI-native data analytics applications. Choose between our Python or Javascript powerful set of tools to extend any of our solutions or build your own state of the art data-driven application.


Unlock the full potential of your data, enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and drive informed decision-making with our intuitive platform. 

Engine AI is your one-stop-shop for data analytics solutions. The only platform that integrates AI with data, analytics, and visualisation, spanning quantitative and qualitative data. Our modular, open architecture allows integration with any data warehouse, LLM, Vector database or front-end.

Harness the power of analytics dashboards that seamlessly integrate AI capabilities into users’ workflows. Our natural language interface allows users to further interrogate the data underlying the dashboards. Users receive quick insights in any format, including text, dynamic tables and charts, with minimal hallucinations.

Our platform empowers our clients to realise the full potential of their digital transformation journey by facilitating value extraction from muti source data with our AI-native data analytics applications.

Our platform delivers top-tier, enterprise-grade applications without burdening your internal teams. Our institutional guardrails safeguard your IP and promote transparency through access permissions, source attribution and user analytics.

Utilise our AI-powered platform to seamlessly combine all forms of data and generate a comprehensive view of your information in a single interface. Easily extract and summarise key insights from any and all datasets.

Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows, ensuring a disruption-free transition to AI-powered data analytics. Our domain specific UX/UI knowledge delivers intuitive user interface and interconnected workflows. All our applications are customisable and extendable.

Our Tech – ENGINE AI platform components

Engine AI’s open architecture end-to-end platform features three interconnected engines – Data, Analytics and Visualisation; these seamlessly integrate with any data warehouse, ML, LLM/AI models, and Vector database, enabling custom applications and dashboards development.

Data Engine: Easily ingest and connect multiple datasets from countless sources, regardless of format or delivery channels. Ensure the integrity and accuracy of your data with built-in data lineage and validation features. Take advantage of task scheduling, error handling, and workflow management capabilities to enable efficient data processing and orchestration.

Analytics Engine: Leverage our state-of-the-art analytics engine, equipped with our unique proprietary layering capabilities: Compute, Data Science, and AI, to analyse big data at scale. Our platform supports both quantitative and qualitative analysis, as well as efficient information extraction and summarisation.

Visualisation Engine: Seamlessly access and consume content with Engine AI’s responsive and intuitive visualisation tools. Customise the look and feel to suit your preferences, stay updated with notifications and alerts, and leverage natural language search and our intuitive Data Analytics Co-pilot for easy access and delivery of information. Results are presented in text, dynamic tables, and charts.

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